Dream Your Book
Camp Life

Make Your Map

First we map where we want the map to lead. Spend time tuning into your feelings and realizing that they are actually mostly arbitrary (negative emotions) so we will learn to use the body to bring up what we want to feel instead.

Meet Your Guide

Once we've learned about Limiting and how it limits our identity, we look at the archetypes we’re living, what can help us most at different parts of the journey, and what roles we no longer want to embody. We will also explore ways to become our own Wayfinders.a

Fun in the Water

Spend time exploring how you want to feel, begin to hold that feeling in your body, remembering flow. Explore what makes you bright, alive, silly, easy, completely yourself, and how this spirit can be alive in your writing.

Arts & Crafts

Then we will go beyond archetypes to the limitations of who we THINK we are instead of FEEL we could be. Spirit goes beyond labels. It simply is. We will focus on weaving our spirit into the very nature of reality itself, holding a space for the highest good feeling, and moving decision making from the mind to the heart.

Explore the Dark Wood

Discussing flow will probably bring up everything NOT like it, everything that’s in the way. So that’s when we explore the dark woods, tune into the body and see what needs reprocessing, what needs to be sent love, and what needs ease instead of criticism. We will learn about what limits flow (Loading and Limiting, Positive and Negative Feedback).

Light Your Fire

You will end with a map of your internal terrain, a deeper understanding of flow, but most importantly, practice with the only real manifestation tool your soul needs, which is FEELING from the end. You will the opportunity to write if you want, but there is no pressure to write just yet. You are ALREADY creating every time you even slightly connect into the feeling that you want to feel (it’s more of a spirit that takes over the body, it’s not static and it doesn’t have to have ANYTHING to do with your current reality. In fact, it's better if it doesn't. Lighting your camp fire means making a quantum leap to radically feel in your body how it wants to feel without tethering it to your current perception of what is possible for you.

A welcoming space across from Cobb's Hill Park.

Dream Your Book is in my office in an old house full of character, across from Cobb's Hill. 

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