1 hour

1-hour session

$25 (beta-testing prices)

1 day

4-hour session

$25 (beta-testing prices)

1 Month

4-hour sessions 4 Saturdays in a row

$100 (beta-testing prices)


Welcome to Camp
Dream Your Book

My name is Nina, and I'm a Wayfinder for writers. I'm extending Dream Your Book author services, founded in 2009, to include Camp Dream Your Book: a "summer camp for adults" focused on creative restoration.

I'm currently beta-testing Camp Dream Your Book for $25/person per day. It's for a specific kind of person: a sensitive, most-likely HSP or empath writer who has experienced creative flow who feels lost or blocked and wants to get back in touch their native, innate Writing Spirit.

Camp Dream Your Book will consists of one-on-one or small groups of writers willing to explore finding and retrieving their Writing Spirit in fun, adventurous, exploratory, healing spiritual activities. 

The activities and discussions will mostly take place at Camp Dream Your Book (25 Culver Road, Rochester, NY), the journeying is mostly symbolic, but there will sometimes be journey to Cobb's Hill places.

Requirements for Beta Testers:

  • live in or near Rochester New York (camp is in person).

  • be a writer who feels deeply drawn to this adventure

  • understand this is a beginning of a long adventure that will mostly continue on your own, and pace your internal clock accordingly. get patient and trusting of the process.

  • be oriented to HSP (Higher Sensory Perception and/or a Highly Sensitive Person). Empaths especially welcome.

  • Already have a spiritual underpinning and connectedness to spirituality. We're not going to be starting from scratch or arguing the existence of the spirit. This is for people who are already there.

I've been mentoring writers for over twenty years, and offering professional author services through Dream Your Book since 2009. I am an award-winning teaching artist and playwright, a published writer, a publisher, and most importantly, I am fiercely passionate about people finding and holding onto their true, creative, transcendent voices, and saying what they came here to say, inhabiting the spirit they came here to inhabit. I have a lot of tools and activities for this journey, and I'm happy to explore this territory in a new way.

If you're looking for my more conventional services (editing and publishing), just jump over to NinaAlvarez.com.

Camp Session
Dates & Fees
Our Activities
Start Your Map

First we map where we want the map to lead. Spend time tuning into your feelings and realizing that they are actually mostly arbitrary (negative emotions) so we will learn to use the body to bring up what we want to feel instead.

Fun in the Water

Spend time exploring how you want to feel, begin to hold that feeling in your body, remembering flow. Explore what makes you bright, alive, silly, easy, completely yourself, and how this spirit can be alive in your writing.


Explore the Dark Wood

Discussing flow will probably bring up everything NOT like it, everything that’s in the way. So that’s when we explore the dark woods, tune into the body and see what needs reprocessing, what needs to be sent love, and what needs ease instead of criticism. 

Meet Your Guide

Once we've learned about Limiting and how it limits our identity, we look at the archetypes we’re living, what can help us most at different parts of the journey, and what roles we no longer want to embody. 

Arts & Crafts

We will focus on weaving our spirit into the very nature of reality itself, holding a space for the highest good feeling, and moving decision making from the mind to the heart.

Light Your Fire

You will end with a map of your internal terrain, a deeper understanding of flow, but most importantly, practice with the only real manifestation tool your soul needs, which is FEELING from the end. 

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